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Our Mission: Through cooperation, ensure effective delivery of interactive education and services to our members.

For 30 years, the Northern Wisconsin Educational Communications System (NWECS) distance education consortium has provided equal access education to rural K-12 students.


It was in October 1992, when NWECS went live serving Ashland, Washburn, and Bayfield School Districts, CESA 12, and Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College (now Northwood Technical College) in an innovative and exciting endeavor called interactive television. New fiber optic technology from Wisconsin Bell (later becoming AT&T) had made it possible to offer classes with live, interactive video and audio from locations across the state. NWECS was the second distance education network in Wisconsin, with the first starting only one year before. 


Today, twenty-two K-12 school districts in Northern and Central Wisconsin belong to NWECS to teach and receive needed courses through interactive videoconferencing and online resources. Many schools have seen distance education as supplemental for higher level students and as an answer to district teacher shortages.


NWECS staff collaborates directly with school district administrators, counselors, teachers, and technology specialists to identify needs and provide students with educational opportunities. High school teachers teach to students outside of their district. Wisconsin technical and UW college partners provide students with a head start on their college credits through dual credit courses. NWECS also assists in providing enrichment opportunities like virtual field trips, guest speakers, career experts, the CESA 12 High Quiz Bowl, and ACT prep classes. Last year over 1,440 Wisconsin students participated in distance education courses or enrichment through NWECS.

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