Old Globe


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Sue Clark

Network Director

Sue works with our members to create the NWECS ITV course catalogs and enroll our students in high school and higher ed ITV classes.  She works directly with our school counselors, facilitators, techs, teachers, and administrators to provide our students with an interactive, engaging distance learning environment.  Our team works to provide each student with courses that help them reach their educational goals.


Wayne Erdman

ITV Specialist

Wayne provides our members with a wealth of knowledge concerning the audio and video experience. He researches, tests, and develops options for our future video conferencing classrooms.  Wayne delivers both on-site and telephone technical assistance, as well as the installation of audio and video equipment. 

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Brenda Rouzer

Virtual Field Trip Coordinator

Brenda coordinates our live interactive virtual field trips between our students and historical sites, art museums, science museums, zoos, career experts, and the North Pole. Brenda is available to answer your daily technical questions by phone or email, and she monitors each NWECS video connection.