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Our mission is cooperation for effective delivery of interactive education and services to our members.


The NWECS distance education consortium has provided over 30 years of equal access to education for rural Wisconsin students. Course delivery technologies have changed over the years, but our dedication to supporting rural school districts has not. Twenty school districts in Wisconsin currently belong to the NWECS consortium in a collective effort to teach and receive needed courses through live video conferencing and online learning. 


NWECS staff collaborates directly with school district administrators, staff, and faculty to identify course needs and coordinate course offerings, registrations, and technical support. Our members share courses with each other. Wisconsin Technical College System and UW partners provide our students with dual enrollment courses. NWECS also assists in providing enrichment opportunities such as virtual field trips, guest speakers, career experts, and ACT prep classes.


Last year over 1,060 Wisconsin students participated in distance education courses or enrichment through NWECS and partner distance education networks.

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