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K-12 students in your district can connect to unique educational opportunities through your school’s distance learning classroom, or mobile video conferencing cart. Students and teachers will see and hear the destination site and that site will see and hear you. 

Each NWECS school district with full membership is credited $400 per school year for virtual field trips! Program fees can range from $0 to $250.

How to schedule a Virtual Field Trip

Programs are spotlighted and shared with our members monthly

throughout the school year. If you would like to be on that email

list, contact our coordinator. If there is a specific topic/subject

matter you are looking for, we will research virtual field trips for



1. Check your school district VFT credit balance. Follow the link,

    select your school district, and click on the VFT tab at the

    bottom of the spreadsheet. It will prompt you to Sign Up to

    view our members only pages, if you haven’t already.


2.  Select your virtual field trip from our monthly email features, 

     popular options below, or search the VFT Providers List.

3.  Choose a few times and dates in case your first choice isn't available. 

4.  Contact our virtual field trip coordinator:  Brenda Rouzer, 715-788-7048,

5.  Prepare your students for the program using related lessons (provided by some), or simply compile a list of questions

     with your students so they are more likely to engage and participate during the event.


NWECS takes care of the rest! We confirm that your technology is compatible, schedule sessions, confirm charges,

billing, dates, time, programming information, and schedule a test connection with you prior to the event.

Engineering Robot Car

Classroom Collaborations

The Center for Interactive Learning &

Collaboration (CILC), one of our VFT providers,

also provides a Collaboration Space where

teachers can find colleagues and students from

across the globe to connect to and collaborate

with on educational projects using live, virtual

visits. You can choose to join a collaboration

posted by other teachers or post a collaboration

of your own that you want to make happen.

Once a collaboration is organized between

teachers, it takes place in the classroom via

video conferencing. It can be a one-time

meet-up or an ongoing project, meeting multiple

times a year. There is no cost for collaborations. If interested in joining or posting a collaboration, you will need to make a free CILC account. Please also give us notice if you would like support for your video conferencing connections.

If you are interested in advertising/setting up a classroom collaboration between any of our NWECS school districts, let us know. We can help make that happen!

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